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Recurring Per Month!

When a lead signs up for a paid account under your link, we'll pay you for every month that they stay active. It's a great way to build passive income, and generate sustainable money.

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LIVEpigeon Affiliate Program

LIVEpigeon Affiliate Program

20% recurring commission on every referral purchase

20% recurring commission on every referral purchase


Leads that sign up using your link get access to a
14-Day Free trial on sign up LIVEpigeon Account!

What makes LIVEpigeon BETTER?

Why you should promote LIVEpigeon instead of other competitors?

Works with Instagram natively

Our competitors make you work with third party apps!

Going LIVE to Instagram with pre-recorded video used to be extremely complicated, until we revolutionized the process. We've streamlined the ability to go LIVE to Instagram with a simple login and 4-step live flow.
This is a leading feature in the industry that our competitors are STILL trying to keep up with. This hot topic is a huge contributor to LIVEpigeon's growth and popularity!

Fast & Generous Cloud Storage

Our average user uploads about 12gb per month.

We've had users ask if they can upload 90gb+ files before, and we're here to deliver through cloud storage integration. By using our cloud functionality, you can import videos from Google Drive or Dropbox, and not worry about storage limits.
Our competitors love to put unreasonable limits on their customers, making storage difficult. We set the standard in the industry for uploading large video files and easy one-click uploads. 

“So easy a caveman could do it!”

Beginners and experts alike, use it with ease!

Have you ever tried to use a software that is difficult to use, confusing, and frustrating to navigate? Dozens of hours have gone into developing and redeveloping our Application to make it the smoothest experience we can for the user to navigate.
Our competition can be CLUNKY to use! Their users often get overwhelmed and frustrated by the amount of buttons, menus, and settings that are in front of them. We offer an easy, simple, yet powerful all-in-one solution.
Even if grandma gets stuck, we offer amazing solutions to get her on the phone and setup to go LIVE!

Smooth 1080p streaming

You will get the highest quality stream possible!

Our powerful servers take care of all the streaming for you. You no longer need to worry about your local internet speeds, stream connection, or bitrate while you are LIVE. We send your videos at the highest quality possible and stream them beautifully.
Our competitors will often limit you to a 720p resolution or sometimes even watermark your content! It doesn't matter which plan you're on, we will always stream your content at the highest quality we can, no strings attached.

Amazing Real Human Support

We truly care about our customers, and go the extra mile!

Ever tried to call one of our competitors? Ha! Good luck with that!
We put high quality customer support at the top of our priority list. We have gained popularity over our competitors due to their lack of quality customer support. When you need an issue resolved quickly, the last thing you want is to be sent to a robot!
We are leading the charge with amazing customer support. Since day one we have put major focus into perfecting our support system. We have an amazing team of customer support specialists who are actively ensuring that every customer has the best experience possible. On top of that, we also have an extensive Customer Support Database that contains many Frequently Asked Questions and Support Articles if you prefer to troubleshoot for yourself!

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LIVEpigeon better than ever!

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